Vacation Rental Management Pricing

All our clients get the first three months free vacation rental management in order for the web listings of the homes to establish themselves and for revenue to come in. Thereafter, we charge 15% on the amount paid out on various websites after taxes and the cleaning costs. We will assist in procuring the various business licenses required by the county and state and will facilitate the payment of taxes at a county level.

We generally invoice guests for cleans in our pricing but as a guide we charge $65 per clean for a 3 bed, $85 for a 4 bed, $105 for a 5 bed and $125 for a 6 bed home. Pricing is available on request for larger homes. All cleans include a 'starter pack' of soaps, shampoos, lotions, trash bags, dishwashing liquid and tabs. We also include a large bottle of laundry detergent in each of the homes.

We do not charge for guest callouts and always assess the maintenance requirements for your home personally. If the work required is a simple fix we will only charge the cost of the item e.g. replacing a lock, basic plumbing and electrical work. We will inform you if a tradesman is required in order to fix what is broken. We do not charge for changing light bulbs and batteries for smoke detectors but do charge $5 to change the AC filter every three months. Ad hoc charges like the replacement or retagging of fire extinguisher are billed at the cost of the item or service.

Other costs for running a holiday home includes monthly pest control of $25 and pool care of between $50-$85 per month depending on the size of the pool. Lawncare is quoted upon request but a ballpark figure is around $80 per month.

Our contract has no fixed term and can be terminated by either party with thirty days notice. We do require a prepayment of $1000/$750 to cover taxes and other expenses that occur during the month.

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