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7 Brilliant Ideas to Improve your Vacation Home on a Budget

It is possible to turn your vacation home into a lively and cozy nest by just building on simple items lying within your home. Apply a few tricks and use simple supplies to come up with a unique and artistic interior.

It is always good to begin by researching on what is in style in busy vacationing destination such as Orlando. This way, you have an idea of the décor that you can bring in together to achieve that relaxing and calming effect. Remember not to throw away your signature style; instead, blend it in with what’s in style and available within your budget.

1.Be Minimalist, Build on Open Spaces

Before we even delve into the decorative items let’s play by the rule of less is more. The idea behind a vacation home is leisure and relaxation away from the noise and buzz of activities. So to promote better breathing, proper thinking and relaxation consider having lots of open spaces.

Think about an open kitchen plan, a skylight to the ceiling, moving the curtain rod to the ceiling to add height if your drapes are long enough or sliding glass doors opening to a balcony. Do not fill the home with too many decorative pieces. Fewer things mean easier property management for you because you will not have so much to maintain. Just add a few statement pieces that bring a sense of rejuvenation and calm.

2.Pillows and Blankets

Accent pillows will lighten up your living room and liven up your furniture. I will let you decide on the color, patterns, and design based on your theme, seasons, and personality. The trick is to make your own pillow covers. You can also use your recycled fabrics to make the covers and add beautiful beads.

The rental property manager should make plans to have them changed as often as possible based on the season, the rest of the décor and clients you are looking to attract. For blankets, consider blanketed benches and seats in the living room.

Take nice linen cloth or blanket, fold it and leave it hanging on the seat, the bench outside, or the sofa bed. It can be plain, printed or floral depending on your seats. It is even better if it is distinctive and from a unique region of the world such as Bohemian or African.

3.Decorating walls

Wall décor determines your lighting, the feel of your furniture, thought patterns and general neatness of the home.

Think about DIY wallpapers because all you need is paint and pretty stencil. Paint some plates and mount them on the wall. Explore different ways of arranging the plates. Consider hanging some of your collections from travels and vacations on the walls. It gives your guests something to think about, and you, some good memories.

You can also hang your Mason jar with painted flowers of your choice, DIY artwork or a unique design of a number. You can also print nice patterns, family photos or iPhone photos. In the bedroom, for example, the patterns can match those of the pillows. If you have rustic mirrors (from old wood frames), hang them on the corridors, hallway or outside the bathroom.

4.Bring Your Outdoor Indoors

Some of the outdoor pieces such as garden stools, small trunks, and even plants will actually look good on the inside. You can use the stools and the trunks as additional seats, tables or even a stand for a beautiful flower vase or an antique collection.

Go for outdoor pieces that will bring a rustic effect to the living room. You can also buy simple plants that come with brightly colored or eye-catching pots to add color. There are plenty of places that you can get affordable plants and shrubs in Orlando at the wholesale nursery's around the city.

5.Wood for Lamps

When it comes to lamps, again like pillows, you can play around with so much. Think about transforming an ordinary piece of wood into a lamp. There are plenty of driftwoods and fallen logs in Orlando that you can easily customize into something. Just look up some of the ideas on Pinterest and send your vacation rental manager some of the images to help you select different designs from chandeliers to bedside lamps.

You will be amazed at how many designs you can coin from this wood idea to bring out a rustic and ambient effect. You could actually take your wood to an artisan, and he will help you come up with your rustic look if you feel what you want is beyond DIY. At Etsy or Woodcraft of Orlando, they can help you develop these designs.


Let your old items serve as an inspiration for your vacation home. Empty wine bottles, wrapping papers, wooden items, and even clothes can all be turned into amazing décor pieces.

Your old button and beads can become decorative items for the pillow covers. Paint your plates to come up with a nice arrangement for your wall décor. You can make it watch-like, overlapping or random arrangement.

Cut up your old gift bags and use them for bathroom décor. You can search for how-to videos on YouTube. These patterns will cost less compared to paintings. There are plenty of unused and unusual items from your closet, pull them out and turn them into unique pieces for your home.

7.Outdoor Lighting

While the interior matters a lot, it is also important that your vacation property is attractive from outside when renting it out. The outdoor lighting should be good enough not only to spark curiosity but assure security at the same time. You can go with the idea of using logs and trunks for lighting, or you can opt to buy something affordable.

Your choice will depend on the setting and time of the year. For a beach vacation house, solar-powered and warm lighting ideas will work. If it’s Christmas, your garden lighting should set the mood right, and you can make use of the trees outside to create perfect lighting. If you have flowers or a water pool, look for good vases that can be used to hold the flowers and act as bulbs at the same time.

For the pool, you can use balloons to come up with lighting ideas in the pool. You can also use logs –well carved— to light the ordinary home candles. If home solutions seem far-fetched for you, buy something affordable. Luckily, when you visit IKEA or Orlando’s Lightstyle, they have great bargains that will work for different seasons and settings.

Bottom Line?

The amount of effort you put into your vacation home will pay back tremendously. Ask any vacation rental manager and they will tell you that decoration is a key factor when getting bookings to vacation homes. It doesn’t have to be a nerve wrecking exercise because as we have seen, there are numerous ways to go about this on a budget.

Constant decoration enhances the value of the property. Getting your vacation home décor right is one of the most important property management tips that most people miss out on. Luckily, if you are around Orlando, many affordable stores offer discounts at different times of the month. Buy the bargains off-season because they tend to be cheaper during this time. Do not also fail to compare prices and designs between stores; it will give you more inspiration and the right information on what is in style.

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