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Cheap and Fancy Ideas on How To Baby Proof A Vacation Rental

Are you a vacation rental owner in Orlando with listings in some of the city’s most popular websites? Then, chances are that you might have suffered a negative review from a guest complaining about the lack of baby or toddler proofing in your vacation rental. That negative review probably threw you off your game. Well, the fact is, most Orlando vacationers are families with little toddlers and prefer staying in a home instead of a hotel. That is for the obvious perks of a kitchen, lounging area and play space among others. Therefore, having a 'Baby-Proof’ tag on your vacation home description will add more hits to your online listing. You’re also be appealing to a growing group of millennial families who’re traveling now more than ever. Ultimately, more stellar ratings and recommendations from satisfied vacationers. To be honest, you will not stand a competitive chance with other Orlando vacation rental homes if you list your home as 'Not Suitable for Children.’ You can, however, adopt the following cheap but very effective baby proofing ideas for your Orlando vacation home: 1. Baby Gates If you have stairs in your vacation rental, it is easy for your super-adventurous little guests to roll down the staircase. You can fit your stairs with sturdy and pressure mounted baby gates that can keep them off the stairs. 2. Provide a Playpen/ Crib Sometimes your guests will need a minute away from the kids – perhaps for the peace of mind when taking a shower. Find an inexpensive yet functional baby crib that can always be available to your guests on request. A baby crib is a sure way to tell your guests that you’re mindful of their young ones. Having a baby crib included in your rental home description will set you apart from other Orlando vacation homes. 3. Cover Outlets You could buy a cheap pack of plastic outlet covers and cover all the electrical outlets. The adults will know what to do when they get to the vacation rental and need to use the outlets. They will also appreciate the courtesy. 4. Place Hangers on Bi-Fold Closet or Cupboard Doors Bi-fold closet or cupboard doors can easily swing open and hurt the toddler. Hangers are a cost-effective way of securing them. Simply, take a plastic hanger and invert it over both knobs. Ensure that the ends firmly hold the knobs to avoid opening and closing. 5. Door cushions Toddlers love playing with doors and in the process may squish their fingers. Consider buying door cushions to prevent this. Door cushions slip over the door edge and prevent accidental door slams and pinched fingers. No more slammed doors! 6. Cushion the Sharp Corners Toddlers and babies do not notice the danger of playing around the sharp and pointy edges of the tables, fireplace, kitchen counters and other angular, baby-height furnishings. You can save them the pain by fastening the sharp corners with cheap anti-collision cushions. Old tennis balls can also do the trick for similar dangers outside. Just make a small hole in one and force it into one of the sharp corners. Ensure that it sticks firmly so that the toddler doesn’t pull it off. The plus side is that the tennis balls also add a stylish touch to your house. 7. Window Guard Toddlers love leaning over windows and can easily fall off if it is open. You can buy a mesh window guard which is easy to install and take down when your toddler guest is gone. Parents will appreciate that they can keep their windows open and enjoy the warm Orlando weather and keep their baby safe at the same time. 9. Doorknob Guards You know what else stresses a parent? When a toddler is trapped inside a room they can’t open. An easy solution for this is having doorknob guards that can be in the form of small containers placed over the doorknobs. Amazon would be a great place to search online for these gadgets. 10. Buy some Toys Toys are a great way to keep your young guests occupied and out of harm’s way. Although your renters might have brought a stack of toys, having a unique toy set available will obviously fascinate the kids. They will appreciate the new gimmicks and will keep them engaged to and away from risky spots. 11. Keep Cleaning Supplies Away Toddlers often assume that everything in a bottle should be taken to the mouth. But can we blame them with the fancy packaging and all? As a responsible vacation rental homeowner, you should keep all the dangerous cleaning supplies away from the children. Preferably in the top shelves and with a label for the adults to identify them. Install safety latches on the cupboards with cleaning supplies so that they don’t fall on the toddler or adult by accident. 12. Soft Landing Strips A fluffy carpet in the bedroom is soft enough for babies to fall on in case they roll over from the bed. If the carpet is a bit of an expense, you can have little soft pillows scattered around the baby’s play area and crib. You can also consider surfacing your patio and indoor/outdoor baby play areas with rubber crumb resin surfacing. While the initial investment may be somewhat high, rubber crumb surfaced patios and play areas ensure that your vacation home is safe for both kids and older people by acting as shock absorbers in case of a fall. They can also be installed in colorful shapes and styles giving your vacation home a chic and contemporary feel. 14. Hang Only Light Items Hanging artwork or decorative material in the house should be lightweight. This will protect the toddler from any harm in case of hanging hardware failure. You should also ensure that they are not within the reach of the baby’s crib in case the toddler pulls them down. Where Do I Start? Perhaps that just doesn’t cut it for you and you still don’t know where to start baby proofing. Start small - Start off by first troubleshooting the risk areas in your house so that you can start baby proofing. Here are a few: • Fireplaces and heat radiators; • Trash cans; • Electrical cords and outlets; • Sharp or pointy corners of furniture; • Heavy objects that are easy to pull down; • Taps and other hot water outlets; and • Curtain or shade pulls. After you’ve identified the risk areas, go ahead and look for cheap, yet fancy DIY baby proofing ideas listed above. You could also ask for advice from your Orlando vacation rental manager. They obviously have a wealth of baby proofing ideas from the various houses they manage.

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