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Must Have Items for Your Vacation Rental Kitchen

One of the biggest reason's why people choose to stay in a vacation home rental in Orlando over a hotel is being able to prepare and enjoy meals with family and friends. Access to a fully stocked kitchen is super convenient. It’s a guaranteed people pleaser!

But if your vacation rental kitchen is dysfunctional, dirty, or lacking supplies, your guests are sure to leave dissatisfied and disappointed. This will often lead to negative reviews and ratings. Ideally, a fully stocked vacation home kitchen allows renting families to save money by not having to eat every meal at a restaurant. It’s also an excellent way for Orlando vacation homeowners to establish a friendly relationship with their guests. A great kitchen screams “you’re valued.” A clean, organized and well-stocked kitchen creates an exceptionally lasting impression. It’s the surest way to earn a positive review. So, how can you ensure that using your kitchen is always a 5-star experience? 1. Have clean and functional Appliances • Refrigerator, Oven, and Stove Having clean and functional refrigerator and an oven with stove-top burners is the single-most must-have appliances in any vacation rental property. Most vacation homes in Orlando come installed with these appliances, but you must ensure that they are easy to use and their functionality is tip-top.

Rental property experiences can easily be ruined when an oven runs hot, ruining your guests’ family meal. Similarly, crusty leftover food baked on to a stovetop is a big turn-off for renters. The more effort invested in keeping your kitchen’s appliances clean and functional, the more likely you’ll get good reviews, referrals and return customers. • Microwave Oven Microwave ovens have become an essential must have kitchen appliance that they are even provided in many hotel rooms now. Your guests will find it convenient to re-heat some meal or make some microwave popcorn. • Coffee Maker with auto timer and auto shutoff This is also an extremely common amenity. Your vacation rental manager should ensure that the correct size of coffee filters and instructions are available. Look for a coffee maker that is easy to use and one that requires less maintenance. If you’re not sure which to buy, you can request your Orlando vacation rental manager to guide you. They have a wealth of information. • Electric Kettle, Blender, Electric mixer, and a Wide-slot toaster oven While these are not strictly essential, having them available for your guests will go a long way. Renters will appreciate them immensely and show your commitment to giving your guests a 5-star experience. Ensure that they’re in tip-top shape. 2. Storage & Space One of the biggest complaints and concerns we get about vacation rental kitchens is the lack of prep space and storage. Obviously, this is because some vacation home kitchens are extremely small, making it difficult for homeowners to provide adequate cabinets and countertops. Thankfully, you can work around this problem. How? • By installing wall shelving This simple and inexpensive solution will earn your Orlando vacation rental a few more points and nice reviews. Shelves increase the space in a rather small kitchen and allow supplies to be placed in front of your guests’ eyes. Intuitively installed and well-thought wall shelves will also improve the chic and contemporary feel of your kitchen. In a popular vacation destination such as Orlando, any vacation rental manager worth their salt will tell you that guests are continually raising the bar on what to expect regarding interior layout and decor. • Butcher-Block Island countertop space Butcher-block island counter tops with wheels are practical, easy-to-clean, making it a great must-have in Orlando vacation rental kitchens. They can live up against the wall and roll right into the middle of the kitchen whenever needed, hence creating some extra working space. Look for a user-friendly island top that has some cozy rusticism and some contemporary charm. 3. Dinnerware It’s grossly annoying and inconvenient to have dinnerware that cannot serve all the guests renting your property. Nobody wants to eat off of a paper towel. Right? Now, to avoid such costly inconveniences, always have twice the number of bowls, plates, silverware, and water glasses your maximum vacation rental capacity. If you’re looking to give your guests a five-star experience, be sure to: • Have matching dinnerware This makes it easier to replace broken items and ensures your vacation rental kitchen has attractive but inexpensive dinnerware. • Include wine glasses and coffee cups Go for stemless wine glasses since they are dishware friendly and harder to break. Coffee cups are also a great kitchen must-have. Your guests will appreciate your efforts and leave great reviews. • Provide Kid-Friendly dishes – Sippy cups, small utensils, children’s dinnerware and a high chair Your Orlando vacation home kitchen must have kid-friendly dishes if you’re looking to market your vacation rental property to the massive family crowd. Having these items only goes to show that you and your vacation rental manager are mindful of the little ones. 4. Cookware What’s a wizard without a wand? Similarly, what’s a cook without the tools to create some food magic? Well, having great cookware sets in your kitchen cannot be stressed highly enough. Good quality cookware will work better and last longer. Think of investing in your vacation rental kitchenware as investing in your future. It will greatly pay off. Ensure that your pots and pans are quality and pristine. This will whet the need for your guests to cook. Some of the essential cookware to have in your kitchen include: • Small and large skillet. • Small and large Stainless-steel saucepans with lids. • Whistle-type tea kettle • A boiler pans • Ceramic/Glass casserole dishes with lids • Blender • Baking sheet/ Cookie sheet • Loaf Pan • Muffin pan • Large serving plates and bowls for family-style meals Ideally, you should keep in mind your property’s maximum sleep capacity when stocking your kitchenware. The number of occupants will, for instance, determine the size of your cooking pans, and serving plates. 5. Utensils To complete your vacation rental experience, stock it with an array of utensils. The following checklist should help you fill any gaps in your supplies: • Spatula • Pancake turner • Measuring cup (2-cup size) and glass. • Tongs • Whisk • Long handle ladle • Kitchen shears • Grilling tools for BBQ • Can opener • Box Grater • Mixing bowls • Microwavable cups • Vegetable peeler • Wing-type Corkscrew with bottle opener 6. Dishwashing Providing your vacation rental guests with a dishwasher will give your property a competitive edge. It will also save you tons of time and effort when preparing your Orlando home for the next guest. A dish drying rack and drying towels are also a must-have in any vacation rental. This will allow your guests to wash some of those dishes that cannot be done with the dishwasher. 7. Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies While your vacation rental manager may already have a scheduled cleaning and maintenance crew on standby, it is paramount to provide your guests with supplies to do some washing up. Most of your tenants will extend the mindfulness and want to clean after themselves. You’ll be sure to have your home spick and span at the end of their stay. Here are some of the cleaning supplies to have in your kitchen: • Liquid dish soap • Sponges • Dishwasher detergent • All-purpose cleaner • Trash bags, Kitchen wastebasket, and dustbins • Broom, mop, dustpan, and mop bucket Ensure that your cleaning items are either stored in cabinets with child locks or on a high shelf out of kid’s reach. This is kids-proof vacation home safety precaution 101. Mothers will not have to worry about kids straying into toxic cleaners. 8. Pantry Items A few basic staples for your guests will go a long way in creating that 5-star experience. It’s a huge convenience. Be sure to provide them with: • Toothpicks • Cooking oil • Salt • Basil • Black Pepper • Garlic powder • Sugar Finally, A Fully-Stocked Kitchen = A Stocked Renting Roster Providing your Orlando vacation home guests with access to all these must-have kitchen items will undoubtedly create a lasting impression. Creating such 5-star experience will, undoubtedly, set you apart from the competition and will lead to plenty of rave reviews and repeat visits. You’ll also not have to worry about pesky pots and pans’ negative reviews. Going above and beyond in the kitchen will help your guests feel at home and will enhance their vacation experience. Be sure to check all of these things out. Happy Renting!

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