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8 Key Benefits of Purchasing a Vacation Rental with a Pool

Nothing suits the beautiful, Orlando-Florida weather better than a private swimming pool on a vacation rental. A swimming pool is appealing. It’s regal. It adds a luxurious streak to your vacation home. Purchasing a vacation rental with a pool can, therefore, make all the difference – from increasing your rental property bookings to enhancing its appeal.

A pool serves as an invaluable bonus for renters. In fact, swimming pools are a necessity for some renters. And they will use all the filters on a vacation rental management site (and other vacation home listing websites) to get that perfect vacation home. If your vacation rental home has a pool, you can be sure to attract a wider pool of renters.

In property management, it is all about giving your vacation home that special tweak that keeps you ahead of the game. And a swimming pool may be just what you need to give you that extra edge. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of purchasing a vacation rental with a pool. Remember, you can also make room for a pool on your Orlando vacation home backyard if it doesn’t have one:

1. A pool Increases Competitiveness

Many vacation home owners have dreamt of having a swimming pool on their property for obvious reasons. A pool just screams that your property is super posh and is on the next level. If you have a pool in your Orlando vacation home, then that just sets you a few paces ahead of your competition.

But, how exactly does having a pool increase your competitiveness?

Well, some vacationers are very interested in vacation home leisure amenities. Some of the most requested facilities are swimming pools and gyms. Not our word, our property management data proves it. For instance, millennial business vacationers consider a pool and a gym a key criterion when booking their vacation homes.

Also, in a popular family vacation destination such as Orlando, you’ll want to appeal more to the family market segment. Having a pool will definitely set you apart from other homes.

Talk to a vacation rental management company to understand the competitive landscape around your vacation home. After your analysis, curve your own unique niche. Typically, a good starting point could be answering the following questions:

• Who are my competitors?

• Does my competition have outdoor amenities such as pools?

• If they do, how can I set myself apart? Having a heated pool? Including an all-weather indoor pool?

• Will having a pool change my rental rates per night? Will it increase my segmentation?

• And finally, will my property management company help in maintaining the pool in pristine conditions?

2. Increases Aesthetic Value of Your Property

A yard pool changes your vacation home layout dynamically. It adds a chic, regal and contemporary touch to your property. Ultimately, increasing the aesthetics of your property. Let’s agree, a pool in your backyard is always a sight to behold. In addition, having a pool in your backyard means that you will not have to deal with overgrown grass that would make your property unappealing. You can layout the area surrounding the pool with concrete and integrate a few colors that complement the design of the pool and other surrounding property.

3. Kids Love Pools!

Splish. Splash! If you have kids, you can agree that kids love pools. Immensely. There is something uniquely beautiful with kids and water. Pools offer that immersive experience for young vacationers. Certainly, if you can appeal to the kid, you will have created a hook and sinker for the parents.

Children have the ability to influence their parents to rebook the same property that had a pool in their previous vacation. Plus, as an extra perk, the parents will enjoy that the pool tires out their children making them go to bed early.

If you already have a rental property in Orlando but does not have a yard or indoor pool, you can still net the lucrative group of family vacationers. How?

Simple – Buy an inflatable kiddie pool. They are long-lasting and a make an excellent substitute for the yard and indoor pools. To heighten the experience of your lil’ guests, you can get a kiddie pool with extra features such as slides and sprinklers.

4. Great for Community Activities

Multiple youths, church or wedding groups like to visit huge vacation homes that can shelter them as they do their communal activities. A pool could provide a great bonding opportunity for the group and keep them entertained especially if they have opted to pull away from technology. Not only that, but a pool also provides a splendid spot for a poolside wedding. If you get creative and add a fountain surrounded by fresh flowers at the center of the pool, then that would make your property a perfect wedding environment.

Most families would also want to book a vacation home with a pool since it’s a great source of quality family time.

5. Offer Your Guests a Resort Experience

For most people, summer is the typical perfect time to travel, explore and unwind. And there’s nothing more splendid than spending some lazy time in the water. With the fierce competition in the vacation market, guests are increasingly demanding for 5-star hotel services and experiences in vacation homes.

A pool will help you create a value-added experience for your guests. Also, with high mercury levels from Orlando summer sun, no one wants to sit around sweating and sweltering in the sun. A pool can be a great respite from the heat and allow your guests to have fun at the same time. Your guests may also need a pool to unwind, relax and let go of stress and the troubles of work.

6. Create The #1 Staycation Destinations

Ever heard of staycations?’ Well, some people prefer to stay at their home or book in vacation homes around them. It's cheaper and convenient compared to traveling miles away for a vacation. By having a swimming pool in your rental property, you’d definitely be a #1 place-of-choice for most Orlando staycationers.

If the ordinary staycationer finds a pool in your property, it will be a welcomed distraction for them as they will spend most of their time lounging there. If the pool is beautifully constructed, they will take lots of pictures for social media and market your property for you.

7. Increased Bookings = Increased Earnings

Your Orlando property management or vacation rental management company will advise you to add a pool as a special amenity to increase your property bookings. There is a lot of truth in that. A pool makes a lot of financial sense in a warm climate like Orlando, Florida or a high-end neighborhood where most houses have a pool. Look at it this way, most vacation home renters are looking for either entertainment, a romantic getaway or improved health especially in the Orlando sunny weather. They will definitely book a vacation home that has a pool for throwing pool parties, have a romantic rendezvous in the pool or take part in some aqua-therapy sessions. You will recoup the costs you spent in constructing the pool and make a little profit on top of it from the increased bookings since the rental rates will definitely go higher. So consider having a pool as an investment.

Also, a pool is a winning strategy to increase positive reviews and ratings for your vacation home.

8. Increased Resale Value

According to The National Association of Realtors, having concrete or inground fiberglass pools increases the value of your property by up to 5%. If the worth of your vacation home is $1,000,000, you could resale it with an extra $50,000 from the value added by the swimming pool.

Have We Convinced You Yet? Hopefully, you will consider adding a pool to your Orlando Vacation home or buy a vacation home which already has a pool in it. If you find that too expensive for your taste, consider adding a kiddie pool or a hot tub/Jacuzzi to give your guests the luxury experience. Also, be sure to talk to a vacation rental management company on advice on:

• where to buy a vacation home with a pool in Orlando,

• possible per-night rental rates to keep you competitive,

• management of the pool to keep it in pristine conditions,

• and how to leverage a vacation home swimming pool to increase bookings.

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