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The Most Searched Vacation Rental Amenities

The amenities at a vacation rental in a highly competitive market such as Orlando impact massively at the number bookings you’ll get. Certainly, having the most in-demand amenities in your vacation rental property will give you an unrivaled competitive edge. Therefore, knowing the amenities that will set you apart from the pack will go a long way in ensuring higher bookings and increased return clients.

Ultimately, you’ll have added the greatest appeal to your vacation rentals. Your amenities should reflect: • The location of your vacation rental home; • The type of guests you expect; • The kind of services you offer on your vacation rental home. Think about your amenities. How different are they from other vacation home owners in Orlando? If a rental was to filter properties in Orlando depending on the most in-demand amenities, would your property stand out? What do you have that will make a vacation home renter view your property as something to die for? If you are using a property management or vacation rental management company to advertise your vacation home, can they sell it as a sui-generis entity? If you’re looking for ways to give your guests a memorable experience, worry not! We have gathered data from travelers searching for properties through vacation rental management companies in Orlando, as well as on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and VacationRentals.com to determine the most in-demand amenities. The top must-have vacation rental amenities are:

Kitchen and Small Kitchen Luxuries Guests like to look at what your kitchen has to offer in terms of space and fittings. In a place like Orlando, there are many posh restaurants but it can be quite expensive to eat out every day. That is why your guests want to make sure that they have a chance to prepare their meals in a clean, well-equipped kitchen as they relax leisurely. Do not just go plain with this. Design is everything! Have an efficient floor plan and adequate countertop space that keeps traffic away from the working area. Good lighting is equally important in food preparation. So, those large windows and custom lighting solutions are a good place to start on. Have a large walk-in pantry, a serving island, and modern custom design sinks. Look for a good property management or vacation rental management company to give you a few designs of the properties they manage. Make yours better! Also, remember that it’s the small things that count. Some of the kitchen extras to amp your guest's experience includes: • Beautiful and quality sharp knives • A rice cooker • A nutribullet juicer • A coffee machine would also be a brilliant addition for those guests who came ready with Nespresso capsules.

Cable/ Satellite TV

If you are not dealing with a technology getaway’ crowd, they would want cable TV to keep them entertained when they are not leaving the house. For Instance, in a place like Orlando, you would need a day in to recover from the excitement of Disneyland. Sometimes, a TV provides perfect background noise for people who hate silent rooms. It is just a matter of psychological satisfaction. Consider giving your guests all the perks of a Smart TV, that is, live local news coverage, Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu. To save on cable, consider investing in a TV box such as Roku, Chrome Cast or Apple TV. You never know if you are dealing with Orlando homebodies who just want to Netflix and Chill.’

Gaming Console

You may be dealing with families who come with their children. Think about the kids. Most would find a gaming console as a welcomed distraction during the vacation. Just make sure you are up to date with the latest games that the kids love in the market. Children can influence their parent’s decision to revisit your property. If your vacation rental property is being managed by a property management or vacation rental management company, be sure to leave them with the exact description of the gaming console that you have. Explain how it works so that they can showcase it easily to your guest.

HVAC System

You will want your guests to be comfortable with the temperatures inside the house. A good Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System will make the guests enjoy their stay when they can adjust the temperatures at will. While this is an expensive investment, having a fully functional central AC system will get you a larger pool of travelers and retirees. An air conditioning will also guarantee higher in-stays and bookings and also rake your vacation rental property good reviews and referrals.

Hot Tub/Jacuzzi

There is nothing that guests appreciate more than an outdoor hot tub. It is both relaxing and can give couples a chance to enjoy their alone time.’ Coming to think of it, it is way cheaper to invest in than a full-size pool in terms of money and floor space. The hot tub/ Jacuzzi can fit perfectly on your back porch. If you are worried about the electrical bills, you can adjust the rates you offer to your guests in the winter seasons.

Pool/Ping-Pong Table

Keep in mind that your guests spend most of their time indoors especially in a new unfamiliar environment. Make their stay worth their while. Separate one room of your house as an exclusive game room, where you can fit in a ping-pong or pool table. Your guests will appreciate the recreation facility that your house offers and will recommend you to other guests. A game room will also come in handy in the rainy weather where outdoor activities are limited. Plus, it is an inexpensive investment.

Mosquito kit

In vacation renal management, you have to be ready for any type of guest. You will have the traveler who is only into outdoor camping. Think ahead and provide a mosquito kit that is well equipped with repellants, insecticides, and citronella candles.

If your property is in the mosquito zone’ say in Orlando, a mosquito kit is just as important as a first-aid kit on your property.

Killer Bonus Amenity: Pet-Friendly

By simply allowing pets in your vacation rental property, you can increase your vacation home’s bookings by up to 14% - adults who travel with their pets. If you’re concerned about pet damages, your vacation rental property management company can tweak your agreement with pet-owners to include a pet deposit upon booking.

What are your renters' favorite amenities?

These ideas are just a drop in the ocean. Get more creative and do not forget to do your research on how to impress your guests. If your property is in Orlando, make sure that you offer the best in the area. That is what property management is all about. And don’t forget, we would also like to know some of the amenities that your guests told you they loved having in your vacation rental property.

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