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How to get the best websites for advertising vacation rental properties

The property management industry has been booming in recent years. The value of vacation rental property, in particular, is skyrocketing every season making it a good time to be a vacation homeowner. Location is everything when it comes to these kind of sales. Take for example a vacation home Orlando owner. They get more business because it is near Disney World and people love to go there for vacations. See the catch? It is smart to consider listing your vacation rental property in the top listing websites in your area to attract more clients and get more business. Some popular vacation rental property websites are: Booking.com- The site provides members with news alerts on new property listings. The bookings.com team build a lasting relationship with their clients to bring in more guests to their properties. The site can be simply operated by a mobile phone. Airbnb-This website connects thousands of vacation rental property owners to travellers with a 24/7 support. It works in the same way as a travel agency where you earn money by enlisting your home on their site to help serve their vast network of customers. HomeAway/VRBO-This is an international website that reaches travellers from over 190 countries. They are more detailed in their site where the guest searches the site by selecting the number of bedrooms they want and other amenities like showers. Abritel-This is a French vacation rental homes websites that work in affiliation with HomeAway to provide similar services. Owners Direct-This is also part of the HomeAway affiliate program and has the best booking class tools that are easy to use by any guest. FlipKey-This is a website by the TripAdvisor group-US. It is has a global reach program where thousands of people put up their house listings and travellers search the database to get themselves into convenient homes. They also collect money for you from the travellers safely and on time. Holiday Lettings-This is also another affiliate of the TripAdvisor Group-UK. It works similar to FlipKey but is more focused on properties in the United States. So, which website you be looking at? Qualities of a good vacation listings website: Future-oriented You need your vacation rental properties to be portrayed as something that can still be useful in the future. Your listings website should show your customers that in a few more years, your rentals will be just as hot, or even hotter than they were a few years back. This can be done by showing how some features in your environment will contribute to the rise in the value of the property. For instance, the listings website can point to a new park being opened nearby that will make the area flooded with investors and tourists. Good communication skills Communication between the property management company and the vacation rental owner is key for easy business flow. You need to be constantly updated on the progress made in the sales of your vacation rental property. The customers or tenants should also be kept in the loop of how to contact the property owners and other supervisors. Popularity How popular is the website? Go to a popular website that tops the search engines in the area that your vacation rental property is located in. Most customers visit websites that have the best ratings as they are more trustworthy and give good leads to the best properties. The popular websites may charge you extra for advertising on your behalf but it is a small price to pay for frequent customers. Using the internet for your business Now you don’t need to own vacation rental properties near tourist attraction sites because you can be smarter in the way you advertise your property. You only need one thing, and that is the internet. Use the social media outlets to advertise your property to the vast resource of potential clients. However, there are thousands of vacation rental properties online so that calls for you to be unique in the way you try to sell yours. Try implementing the following tactics: • Provide a home user guide You know everything about your property but that doesn’t mean that your clients know a thing. Provide a guide on how to use some of the equipment or tools in your vacation rental property. If there is an entertainment system, provide a video guide on how to operate it. Do the same for other complex features that you may have. • Talk about the environment

You would want your visitors to know what other sites or tourist attractions surround your area. Most vacation home Orlando owners run with Disneyworld as it is an easy sell. Look for something that is quite unique in your area even some favourite restaurants or shopping malls could suffice. • Take some high-quality drone videos and photos

Never underestimate the power of good photography. It can make the vacation rental property appreciate in value by ten times. Let them do a thorough walkthrough of the interior and exterior side of the property to give the clients a sense of space and the reality of the property. Remember to take the videos when there is good lighting. Add some filters to the images to improve their quality. This will save you a lot of time in showing your house to different clients in open house showings. • Include a service level It could be a simple housekeeping, gardening or maintenance service. Indicate how often the property will be under maintenance. You should also include a contact number of who your guests can call in case of an emergency. A property management company can do this for you. Long story short, as a property owner, you should provide your clients with an experience that is way better than your neighbours. Goes without saying that a happy customer improves the value of your property.

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