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How to increase bookings for vacation rentals

Introduction Do you own a vacation rental in Orlando? If yes, how much revenue do you generate from your vacation rental property? Now, would you like a few nuggets on how to increase what you are already making from renting out your property for vacations? If so, this article is for you.

We are a vacation rental management company. Our main focus is in working with owner-marketed rentals for vacation purposes. As a property management company, we offer every service needed for your vacation rentals.

5 Marketing Tips to Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings As the owner of a vacation rental, what can you do to increase your bookings? Here are 5 Tips to get you started: i. Post up captivating photographs How do you grab the attention of travelers seeking accommodation? Photographs! Photographs! A few low- quality photographs won’t cut the deal. You need a good number of professionally taken photographs of your vacation rental property to showcase everything it has to offer to travellers. Let the images make it possible for renters to see themselves within your property. The main picture of your vacation rental is your selling point. Better make a good impression! The more the photographs, the better. Aerial photography of your vacation home will add that something special to your portfolio and this is now within the reach of most homeowners considering that only a drone is needed to take the photos.

ii. Include professional property descriptions. When you have the attention of the traveller through your photographs, it is time to explain to them in words what you offer. This is achieved in two areas, the property headline and the property descriptions. The property headline should be very well written, specific, clear and contain the unique selling point about your vacation rental. The aim is to easily communicate to the traveller without too many words. For the property descriptions, this is where you now go into details. Aiming at convincing the traveller why your vacation rental should be their next home for a while. It can be a difficult task to achieve, so if you can, hiring a professional writer to get the job done can be an effective solution. In the alternative, there are many books on Amazon which go very far in helping how to put a great property description together. iii. Response time? Should be Immediate

As a vacation rental management company, we can tell you the interest in vacation rental homes as an investment is on the rise. And so is the competition - there are thousands of homes in Orlando open to vacation rentals. So if you slack in getting back to an interested client, they will move on to the next one in a snap. That is why you have to respond immediately to any inquiries about your vacation rental to turn them into bookings.

Your response time to inquiries reflects the possible response time to the guests at your rental home. You don’t want to paint a bad light to your guests even before they arrive. iv. Request for Reviews

It may not seem like it, but reviews play a huge role in marketing. Especially in vacation rentals marketing. Positive reviews of your vacation rental from previous guests are testaments of enjoying their stay. And this may be the exact persuasion a potential client needs to reserve a booking. You can request for reviews from your guests a few days to their departure. It is through this reviews that you will obtain feedback on the areas of perfection and those in need of improvement. This is where the right vacation rental management company is key - they are going to be a key interface for this feedback with your guests. A beautifully clean home with all amenities in full working order will go a long way to getting that coveted five-star review. v. Are your rates and calendar up-to-date?

There is nothing more frustrating to a traveller than finally deciding on the vacation rental home they would like to reserve, only to find challenges in doing so. These challenges rise through double bookings on the calendar, upcharges and inaccurate rates. It is so sad to win clients from the beginning only to lose them in the end. Ensure you provide at least a year’s worth of valid rates about your vacation rental. And update your calendar the moment a reservation is made. Conclusion Have you gotten a new idea to try out from our article? We hope you have. And remember if you need assistance we do more than just property management when it comes to vacation rental management. So get in touch with us and let us help you increase your bottom line.

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