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About us

We purchased a small vacation rental management company in 2017 which focused on property maintenance and proceeded to transform it over the next 3 years -but our journey really began 8 years earlier in our home country of South Africa where both Rene and I wanted to leave our corporate careers behind us and try our hand at running a small business.

So we left behind African sunsets and embraced Florida and all of its crazy uniqueness. We don't want to be the largest but certainly the best vacation rental company in Orlando and strive to do everything in our power to make that so.


We decided to limit the amount of homes that we manage to 30 so the business would not get out of control and our business is more or less equally split between a full vacation rental offering and vacation rental property maintenance.

We depend on a large team of employees and contractors that make the business run smoothly and are grateful to be blessed with the skills that all these people bring and hope that our business will continue to grow at the current trajectory.

Thank you for considering our business and God bless,

Brad & Rene Smart



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